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The story of the founder of TUNING FACTORY Switzerland is simply explained - his name is
        seven custom works by tuning factory

                       sweat. Daniel Ryser, born in Switzerland, a person who fulfilled his childhood dream with a lot   Even as a young boy, cars and motorcycles were the absolute focus in the life of Daniel. This passion continues to this day  - no, the passion grew even more especially towards American cars. Of course, he laid the foundation stone in a car garage  (Opel and GM) where he enjoyed training as a car mechanic and successfully completed it. During this train


                       work,                                             nal classic optics - everyone recognizes and loves this classic!


                                                                                       President and owner:  Seven Custom works
                       of            were positive, ground-breaking moments that decisively shaped Daniel.  feel of this extravagant vehicle!

                                                - and ultimately to build his own car according to his ideas.

                                                                                             Daniel ryser  Switzeland

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